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You are in the right place to find a pool cue for yourself or a gift for someone else If this is your first cue, or another adding to your collection, we are here to help you. Always okay to call with questions or special request issues. New cues and used cues are available here.

New additions added here on a regular basis. Many available cues not yet listed. If you are looking for something, it's okay to call. If we don't have it, we can probably get it for you. We are glad to help if we can.

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If a cue has "Make an offer" instead of a price, there is no use sending a note asking for a price as we have not established a price on that particular cue. We are open for suggestions. We will consider your reasonable offer.

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Rare & very difficult to find
McDermott M6-9A cue for sale!

We have one of the McDermott Clover Cues - M6-9A - 2006 Cue of the Year available for sale. Contact us via phone for details.

Cue #73 of 100 Stacked Leather Wrap & 2 shafts

Cue Collection for Sale
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Individually or all together

Scratch & Dent Cues Sale

Note: We will be listing more collectible cues for sale. Check back often and feel free to call with questions.
Some of the cues can be seen: Here.
  • McDermott: Several different Rare One-of-a-kind cues
  • Predator Break Cue
  • Joss
  • Falcon
  • Meucci David Howard Complete Set
  • More cue info and photos to be added from time to time.

Although we are restricted by most of the manufacturing companies as to what price discounts we can post here on the web sites for new cues, you are welcome and encouraged to call for special pricing. Let's work out a price that is within your budget on a cue and/or accessories. Getting you that new Shooting Cue, Break Cue, Case, or whatever you may need can be just a phone call away.

RCC also has a "no fees" lay-a-way program for you. Details here

Novelty Cue. Collectible Rifle w/Over & Under Barrels. New Un-chalked. This cue is more for looks & conversation that for shooting pool, or would be a cool cue for a young person. $50 plus shipping.

All items listed on this page are In Hand ready to ship.

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(Serious offer - not silly)

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More cues to be added on a regular basis.



New Cues

Look at the
McDermott 2007 Cue of the Year
Matching Set

M7-9A & M7-9B
Matching Set
        DP Tiger




Used Cues
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Pick from 2
Clover Cue

Sale Pending
  Meucci 95-1 Sneaky   Mali Collectible
No Points
Meucci Original
(Sealed Linen)
Carved Cue
Old School
  Dale Perry
Lucasi L-2000JC


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