Before buying a Computer

This information could save you money & hassle, but only if you read it.

What you should know before buying a computer. 


  • When you have a problem, how long before it's corrected?

    • For parts replacement, will they go to your home or office?

    • Do you have to lug it in to the shop?

    • Will you need to box it up and ship it?

    • Do you have to pay for shipping?

    • How many days before you'll be back up and running?

    • Can you get free Tech Support on Software?

    • Will your sales person deliver & setup your computer for you and teach you how to get started on it?


  • Is the system upgradeable that you are looking to purchase?

    • Can you use any company's parts?

    • Do you have to special order your parts or upgrades?

    • When something is changed, can it be done individually?

    • Are your peripherals (accessories) built on and / or upgradeable?


  • What type of support do you have?

    • IMPORTANT! With some name brand companies, when your warranty period ends, you may be required to pay for phone support even if just for a simple answer.  Check it out before buying.

    • Does your sales person know computers or just sales?

    • Can you reach your support person; even after hours when it may be important to get support?

    • Can you talk to the TECHNICIAN or watch them work on your PC?

    • Will your sales person deliver & setup your computer for you and teach you how to get started on it?

    • At delivery, will they install you printer / scanner for free even if you didn't purchase that item from them?  

    • When delivering your system, will they set up your internet  and teach you how to get started without additional charges?

With some name brand computers, your upgrade options may be limited to that company's way of changing parts, or their more expensive specially designed parts . If a computer only uses a particular part, the company can charge you whatever they want and you are stuck. Be sure to get a computer that will accept parts from other sources than just the system manufacturer. 

The computers that are not restricted to particular parts are known as Clone Computer Systems. This simply means that you have many choices when you install additional equipment. You may pick inexpensive basic parts, or you may choose to install better than average equipment for specific things you want to do with your computer.

New systems from RCC allows you the choices when it is time to change a component, without the surprises that you can get from some name brand computers.  We use quality name brand parts INDIVIDUALLY to build your computer specially for you and your needs.

Even when you call us to ask about software, we will take the necessary time to help when we can.

Feel free to email us with specific questions you may have. We will get the answer for you as quickly as we can.

We don't claim to know all the answers. We just promise to try and help find them.






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