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Pool Cue Cases
New "Excellent" to Used "Okay" Condition
Guaranteed to be as advertised!

If you have questions, please let us know and we will be glad to help you.

Click on any picture to see larger picture. When there are two prices shown, the lower price is what the case cost with any cue from RCC; new or used. Some are free with any purchase. Limited to one free case per transaction.

The CS# is just my own stock number to reference any case you may ask about, and has nothing to do with a manufacturer's stock number.

If you have questions let us know. Most of the cases shown here are used but still has lots of life & protection in them. Besides that, when you buy a new case and put your cue in there, it's then a used case!

New cases available. Let us check on a price for you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Not really good for using. Handle is missing. Brunswick collectible for someone that likes the old stuff. You can have it with any purchase and you pay shipping.
Make an offer. #CS9 Soft Tan case stamped with McDermott. Has some discoloration. Free with any purchase.
Make a fair offer. Someone can get some use out of these.
#CS10: Soft Brown cloth-like material. Good Condition.
#CS11: Soft light brown plastic/vinyl-type material. Good Condition.
#CS12 Soft Black KolpinUSA. Excellent condition. $25 includes shipping & insurance. $15 with any cue.
CS10 or CS11 free with any purchase.
#CS17: Padded Black Canvas. Excellent. $25. $15 with any cue.
#CS18: Soft Padded Tan. Okay Condition. Stamped: McDermott. Paint stains on back. Free with any purchase.
#CS19: Appears to be Suede & Fleece. Zipper from end to end. Very Good to Excellent. Some chalk stains inside. $40. $25 with any cue.
#CS26. 1x1  
Very Good used condition. #CS26: Brown suitcase style. $35. $20 with a cue.  
"Coffin Cases." Old and not much info. Round with 3 press-button buckle straps. Leather. Either one for $100 includes shipping & insurance. All are in good used condition.
#CS21: Green. Has RURU on the back side. #CS22: Dark Brown. #CS23: Light Brown.

#CS13, 14, 15 & 16. Can be 1x1 or 1x2

Make a fair offer. Someone can get some use out of these.
#CS13: Stratford Padded. Very Good to Excellent. $20. $15 with any cue.
#CS14: Stratford Padded. Very Good to Excellent. Stamped: Straford. $20. $15 with any cue.
#CS15: Padded Canvas. Very Good; writing on the pocket. $20. $15 with any cue.
#CS16: Padded. McDermott Logo embroidered. Looks Brand New. $25. $20 with any cue.

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