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As of the writing of this note, Rabbit has never used cuss words on stage. He says: "If all you got is vulgarity, you ain't got much!" You don't have to use dirty words to be funny.

Currently Rabbit is not scheduled for performing at any clubs in the Jacksonville area. You can contact him to make arrangements for him to perform at your private function.

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Danny Rogers, also known as Rabbit, has been performing on a variety of stages for most of his life.  A lot of his stage time has been while playing music.  Rabbit has been a drummer from an early age, and in the early 80s progressed to Bluegrass Music. He now plays several instruments including Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, & Dobro. He can not sing. Rabbit says his voice is so bad if he sings in the shower, the water will get cold!

Rabbit very quickly lost any fears of the audience & crowds and became the spokesperson for most of the many bluegrass groups he has performed with.  His quick wit and love of people combine to bring quite an enjoyable time for anyone lucky enough to be in an audience in front of him.

Stand up comedy just seemed to be the next step. Now, here he is bringing laughter from the comedy stage. Rabbit is also available for hire to do comedy shows at your functions & parties. At your request, he can bring other comedians with him for a night filled with laughter for you! As of the writing of this note, Rabbit has never said even one cuss word during a comedy performance on stage. His idea on this is "You don't need dirty words to make it funny." "If that's all you got, you ain't got much!" For some, this is an issue.

If you have not taken the time to go see one of his live performances, you are missing out. If I may be so bold as to say so, I will just go ahead and admit it: That boy is a nutt!



We have recorded additional shows (see letter below) and they are available. No set price; donations only. It's all about the fun & making you laugh!


From Rabbit

Here is a copy of the letter about my first stand up comedy show in a comedy club environment.  If you want a copy of the DVD, all you gotta do is say so.

April 21, 2009


Here is a DVD of my Stand-up Comedy debut. We did a live show at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville on March 24th of this year. It was quite a different show when I did not have my Banjo or Guitar to hide behind, but I had a blast anyway. This was my first, but surely not my last. I plan to have a lot more fun doing comedy shows.

When people found out I had a DVD of the show, many ask if they were available for sale. The answer is no, these are not for sale but I will give one to you. There is no set price but we are accepting donations towards the cost of recording, editing, and transferring to DVD. I made the duplicates myself to keep the cost down.

Please do not feel obligated to do anything other than enjoy the DVD. If after you watch it you feel like sending something, then only do what works for you personally. No amount is too low or too high. As for the content, you will surely get a laugh out of it.

I am not keeping a copy of who got this letter and/or disc, and I won't remember who did or didn't. So, donate at YOUR OWN discretion.

Even if you do not, or can not, send anything, maybe you know someone that likes this type of entertainment and you can share with them. Go ahead and copy the disc for anyone you want. If you can, then be sure to include a copy of this letter when you give them the disc. On any copy you give away, please print on the copy of the DVD:  www.jaxrabbit.com/comedy.htm.  Thank you for helping me on this.

Out of the 12 comics on the DVD, two of us did not use any bad words in our show. The other 10 were not as conservative and I would surely not let any kids watch the show.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

(Danny Rogers)
(904) 781-4289

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Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully you've had a smile or two and can now feel welcome to call for tickets and come see one of Rabbit's Performances. He enjoys making a way for you to have fun!


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