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For a small monthly fee, list your cue here on our site.
We do not charge a percentage of the sale price.

Cost is $5 per month to have your cue posted on this web site for sale. No percentages charged - advertise the price you want. Initial $20 setup fee covers the first month's fee.

$5 is for a calendar month with no pro-rate to be concerned with.

Our staff can help you with wording or details. All you gotta do is ask.

Seller & Buyer will conduct the transaction unless you ask for our help. We post the information you provid. We carry NO RESPONSIBILITY unless we have your cue in hand and participate in the transaction.

Our escrow service is available.

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Cues available for sale

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RCC is an Escrow Service

When you buy or sell an item, contact us to protect your transaction. Both parties mail the respective item - package / payment to us here at RCC. Once both have been received by us, you will be contacted with details for accuracy. Then, the item payment will be sent to the proper receivers. Charge for this service is $30; usually split between the buyer & seller and includes ground postage from me to you. This is a slight amount to insure you receive your item or payment. Our escrow service is also available for your online auctions, or private deal. Either way, you are protected.

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Call Rabbit for additional information.

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RCC uses MASTER CHALK. It's worth the try!

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Billiards League of America

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