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The McDermott M69A Clover Cue
Designed by Rabbit
Made by McDermott Cue Company

The M6-9A Clover cue was one of my favorite cue projects. Yes, I designed it. In 2006 it started the McDermott Cue Company's "Cue of the Year" program. Shown here are the Original Prototype (left), Artist Proof Cue #AP1 (center) and cue #13 from the 100 Limited Edition cues made available for sale to the public. Special Thanks to "Phinmole" for his help in getting cue #13 for me.

Here is some clarification on the McDermott M6-9A Artist Proof cue: An "Artist Proof" by name is the cue that goes to the artist that designed the cue; other than a 1 of a kind, as in a run of more than one. There can be MANY made that did not qualify to be included in the numbered run of cues.

When McDermott made this cue, there were several cues that, for whatever reason (blemishes or otherwise), were not numbered in the 1 - 100 Limited Edition. If the cues were not good enough to be in the numbered series, but was not [imperfection] too bad to sell, these were made available for sell to the public via Authorized Dealers. Or, in some cases, belonged to Staff Members.

The cue had to have some type of identifier and for some strange reason, a few of the company employees (which are no longer with McDermott) incorrectly tagged some of these left over cues with the Artist Proof identifier. In some cases, there were after market engravings put on the cues that had nothing to do with the McDermott Company.

These left over cues are still very nice, very attractive, and obviously a nice cue to have. But, the truth is, they have been incorrectly identified. Because there was a need to title them, something short was needed. The name of artist proof would fit on the sticker; the name "left over from a limited edition run of cues" would not fit.

I hope this helps.

Here are the custom shafts made for my M6-9A cue.


Two 1 of 1 Custom Clover Cues by Dale Perry
When thinking about having a custom cue made, I took my idea to Dale Perry. He liked my design, but changed a few things before making the cue shown with the white clovers. Then, a year later, we went back to the drawing board and did the one with green clovers.  Two Beautiful Cues!

McDermott D-Series made in the mid to late 80s.
I bought my first McDermott around 1986. This is what has developed.

Now that these two sets of McDermott D-Series are complete, I'm NOT buying any more pool cues.  Okay, well maybe not too many more...

This is a really cool project!

All 26 cues from the McDermott D-Series refinished
with Grey Stain and Lizard Leather Wrap.

We now have professional posters available for purchase.
Poster info here

Very Rare "Elite Brand" Cue
The Elite cues have an interesting story. These were sold out of a cue shop in Nebraska by a private cue maker. Some time after he passed away, it was found out these cues were made by a number of well known cue manufacturers IE: McDermott & Viking to name a few.

This one was made by the McDermott Cue Company.

This McDermott D-4 is one of my favorite cues and was made available by a very special lady in Wisconsin. This cue has a (rare) Original Cork Wrap, which was an option from McDermott during that era.

Two sets of the Meucci DH-Series made in the 80s when David Howard was shooting on the Pro Circuit.

You are welcome to make an offer on one complete set of four cues.
Will only be sold as a complete set containing all four cues.

DH-1 DH-2 DH-3 DH-4

A tribute to David Howard. Made by Meucci cues. In addition to being one of the best players, David is down to earth. It is a pleasure to know him.

***** ******* *****

This Meucci HOF-7 has been sold. It is posted here for you to see as a comparrison with the Meucci David Howard Model DH-4.

Note about the HOF-7: The Dragon Slayer is a re-make of the Meucci cue made for David Howard called The Giant Killer; Model DH-4.

When David was shooting competition in the 80s, he was one of the most dangerous on the pro tour. His being small in size made no difference on the pool table and he defeated giant after giant earning him the nickname: The Giant Killer. The cue made in his honor was named the Giant Killer.

Some of the differences between the Giant Killer and the Dragon Slayer cues:

1. GK has Ivory Shield inlays and the DS has wood.

2. GK has David Howard's name on the bottom of the cue.

3. The GK is a much more valuable cue than the DS.

The other three David Howard Cues are:
DH-1 (no particular name)
DH-2 "On The Hill"
DH-3 "Star of David"

***** ******* *****


Meucci 95-32


Wayne Holmes Custom
Snooker Cues

An Original Lucasi. Model LLE-7

This cue is for sale at $500 FIRM;
plus shipping & insurance

McDermott Custom Limited Edition cues.

TheseLimited Edition cues are a few of the true Custom Cues made by the McDermott Cue Company. Some of which were never made available to the public for purchase.

(A few more further down on this same page.)

Balabushka Replica Prototypes
Here are 5 of the 6 prototype cues made for the Balabushka Tribute Series by McDermott Cue Company. These were made from Original Spliced Forearms that had been stored at the McDermott Factory since the B, C, & D-Series were made. I had the sixth one too, but now a friend of mine from Macon, GA has it.

Balabushka Tribute #2 & #13 of only 15 made
McDermott Cues in honor of the great cue maker, George Balabushka.  Only fifteen of this Limited Edition Series were made.  #2 is Tulipwood & #13 is Cocobolo.


Predator P-2 Golden Curly Maple

This cue is not for sale.

BK Break Cue


Sneaky Pete, Jump and/or Break Cues

McD  J&J  McD  Meucci  Dufferin  Pred Pred McD


In the game room
Completing a Series
Just Too Sweet
Custom Engraved Cue Ball
Door Guard
A Real Hornet's Nest
League Team Logo


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