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Here are a few cues that I have picked up over the years. They are, for whatever reason, sentimental to me and most I would consider selling anytime soon. To see some of my collectible cues that could be considered for sale click here.

The McDermott M69A Clover Cue
Designed by Rabbit
Made by McDermott Cue Company

The M6-9A Clover Cue is one of my favorites that I designed. In 2006 it started the McDermott Cue Company's "Cue of the Year" program. Shown here are the Original Prototype (left), Artist Proof Cue #AP1 (center) and cue #13 from the 100 Limited Edition cues made available for sale to the public. Special Thanks to "Phinmole" for his help in getting cue #13 for me.

Here is some clarification on the McDermott M6-9A Artist Proof cue

An "Artist Proof" by name is the cue that goes to the artist that designed the cue; other than a 1 of a kind, as in a run of more than one. There can be MANY made that did not qualify to be included in the numbered run of cues.

When McDermott made this cue, there were several cues that, for whatever reason (blemishes or otherwise), were not numbered in the 1 - 100 Limited Edition. If the cues were not good enough to be in the numbered series, but was not [imperfection] too bad to sell, these were made available for sell to the public via Authorized Dealers. Or, in some cases, belonged to Staff Members.

The cue had to have some type of identifier and for some strange reason, a few of the company employees (which are no longer with McDermott) incorrectly tagged some of these left over cues with the Artist Proof identifier. In some cases, there were after market engravings put on the cues that had nothing to do with the McDermott Company.

These left over cues are still very nice, very attractive, and obviously a nice cue to have. But, the truth is, they have been incorrectly identified. Because there was a need to title them, something short was needed. The name of artist proof would fit on the sticker; the name "left over from a limited edition run of cues" would not fit.

There is only 1 Artist Proof and you see it pictured here with a Lizard Embossed Leather Wrap and American Cherry Stain.

I hope this helps.

2013 Original Erwin
Made by Mike & Scott Erwin - One of One
This was one of the last cues Mike worked on and I treasure it dearly!

Another Custom Erwin cue. Cocobolo butt & forearm. Smooth Leather wrap. Burl points. Ivory & Abalone inlays. Ebony & Silver Rings. Two Standard Erwin shafts: 12.75 & 11.75 and an Erwin Birdseye Maple Shaft. Not for sale. I like using this cue when playing non-agressive games like One Pocket & Straight Pool. The 11.75 shaft has a Kamui SS.

1974 Espiritu
Made by Russ Espiritu
It took years to finally get one of these I like.
Special Thanks to "PhinMole" for his assistance!

Plain & Simple Espiritu Cue. Nothing fancy... just a very nice cue.

McDermott Founders Cue
Made by McDermott Cue Company
Model CS01.

Perfect Condition. Mr. Jim's Signature on forearm.

1967 Original Joss
Made by Bill Stroud when he worked with
Danny Janes & Joss Cues.

This cue is actually a Joss West. When I sent it back to Bill Stroud to have some work done, he put on a Joss butt plate. I still have the original jw plate. Not quite sure why he changed it, but it is still what it is and seeing as how there are no plans sell this cue, it doesn't matter.

Original Joss West
Made by Bill Stroud in the early 70s.

Mr. Stroud made the second shaft for me in 2010.

Another Collectible

Aquired from another cue collector in a trade deal.

McDermott C-1
The Original McDermott Sneaky Pete

McDermott Limited Edition Cues
This is the first Limited Edition Series
I worked with on McDermott Cues.

Being the first series I had the opportunity to work with, I kept a few of them. The Dark Brown (Black lizard embossed leather wrap) one was my shooting cue until the M6-9A was made for me. The two lighter colored (Brown lizard embossed leather wrap) are still sealed in the original plastic McDermott put them in. One has my name on it, and the other has my daughter's name.

McDermott D-13
This was my shooting cue since I bought it new in the mid 80s. I had bought a D-2 as my very first McDermott and in just a few weeks took it back to the store and traded it in on this one. I used this as my shooter until I got the Limited Edition cue shown above.

Wayne Holmes Custom
While visiting a friend in North Carolina, he showed this cue to me and let me hit with it. Later at supper, he inquired as to what I thought of the cue. When I told him how much I liked it, he smiled. Then he told me to put it in my case and take it with me. Then I smiled! And I'm still smiling.

Meucci Original MO-3

Meucci Original Spades Gambler

These Meucci cues are on the bottom because that is exactly where Meucci cues belong... on the bottom!

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