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Two remaining. Both New. See details below.

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Closeout Prices on Quality Cues

Here are the last two remaining in the discounted cues. Both are brand new. One has a scratch on the bottom of the shaft next to the joint. Does not get in the way of shooting.

Retail price on each of these was over a hundred dollars before being discontinued.

These are low priced closeouts so no warranty and can not be returned. All noticeable issues have been identified, and we will gladly take time with you on the phone if you have questions.

Shipping & Insurance charges are not included in the prices shown. Most anywhere in the states, USPS shipping is under $16 with insurance. Check with us for specifics based on your shipping address.

We are happy to combine shipping to save you money. It is not our intention to make money on shipping charges.

Notes on specifics for each cue is at the bottom of this page.

Click on any cue for larger pictures.
Additional details at bottom of page

Either one: $65.00

As long as this note is posted, if you buy both cues and shipped together, I will pay shipping & insurance in the lower 48 states.

#372 19.0oz  13.2mm   Scratch on shaft near joint Picture
#373 19.9oz  13.1mm   No blemish - Discontinued model. Can not reduce weight


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