All items are for sale.

If you are interested in any of these items, or have questions, or want to
make an offer, send a note and someone will contact you.

Sometime soon, there may be an option to make an appointment
to see all the items that are for sale, but as of now, that is not an option.

If we decide to have a yard sale, that information will be posted here on this page. More items will be added as we get the photos taken.

You are welcome to call or write if you have questions.


Some items to be added:

* Hand Tools * Power Tools * Trundle Bed * Queen Size Water Bed * Arts & Craft Items * Military Items * Clothes * and more. Much more!


There are so many items, I can not even remember all of them to make a list. The pics will be made available as we get them ready to post.


Walt Disney World Glasses



Carnival Cruise Line Drinking Glasses


Carnival Glass: Vase & Candle Holder



MasterCraft Pro Star 190 Stock Prop: Perfect condition, no dings



Old Brown Glass 1 Gallon Bleach Bottle



Misc. Bud Vases




Punch Set Drinking Cups: 7 cups


Heavy Duty Glass Drinking Mug


Buffalo Bills Drinking Glass. I think this was made in the 70s.



Old Pole Mount Bell



Fishing Bag with multiple accessories



Musical Banjo Bears Plays Dueling Banjos


Leather Laptop Computer Bag made by Targus. There is a computer in the bag but I have no idea as to the details.


2 Camp Snoopy Collectors Glasses




Smurf Collectors Drinking Glass



Kidder Pro Link Professional Water Ski
RedLine Series
Length is 65.5
Double Boot




License Plate Frames. I think there are 8 of these available.



Cedar Planks. Several different sizes as shown with the ruler




Old Storage Trunks (from Australia)


Glass Vase. 2 pictures of the same vase; not 2 vases.



Shell Frame Mirror made in the Philippines
The mirror is fine, not cloudy like it appears in the photo
You can see the photographer & the trees in the reflection



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