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Lay-A-Way Program
No Additional Fees
Making it affordable for your budget.

You can put new or used cues (and accessories with a cue) on layaway
and make monthly payments that meet your personal situation. Just
another way RCC is making an opportunity for you to get what you want.

Having the opportunity to put a cue on Lay-a-way will allow you to get what you want without making a large payment all at once.

Here's how it works:
  • Decide what it is you want: Shooting cue? Break cue? Case? Accessories?
  • Let us know what you have chosen
  • We will quote a price. You will probably be surprised!
  • Make a down payment
  • We will order your cue
  • Make your payments
  • When the total has been paid, we will ship the cue to you

  • VERY IMPORTANT: With our lay-a-way program, there is never an option for a refund. You must complete the transaction or lose any money you have paid in. An exception would be if you upgraded to a nicer cue, then we would discuss it with you and possibly move your paid amounts over to the upgraded cue.

    If you are buying a cue we have on our web site and available, that cue will then be identified as Sale Pending and remain that way until you pay it off completely.

    We would like to work with you and let you decide on the down payment and monthly payments based on your own situation. Let us know what works for you and let's see if we can make it happen. Of course, payments need to be reasonable.

    You make monthly payments as agreed upon between you & us at the time of setting up your lay-a-way. You must make a payment every month. We can work with you on special situations if you let us know.

    If you order a new cue that has to be built at the McDermott factory, we obviously can not ship it until it's completed.

    Contact us to get for you what it is you want.


    RCC uses MASTER CHALK. It's worth the try!

    in part by:

    Billiards League of America

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