Note from the Owner
Miscellaneous Information
A Rabbit will most likely have his own way of seeing things.

Taking a minute to read this page can possibly make a difference for you.

Growing up in the country-boy environment taught me a lot of things. One of the most important lessons I learned is how to treat people fair and friendly. My down to earth way of doing things, and trying to always give more than is being charged for has been a big issue.

Many times, other computer technicians working with me, have predicited I will never make it in the retail business because of how much I do that never gets charged for. Yes, this is a business and invoices must be written but there is nothing wrong with going a little further... or doing a little more... and taking the extra time to show folks they are appreciated.

One thing I have noticed in the years of running my own computer business is it seems I never have "Customers" for very long; They quickly become "Friends" that I do computer business with!

When you want to have a friend in the computer business, call me and let's take care of what it is you need.

It is not my intention to try to change the whole world... Just the part I live in!

Oh yeah... I've been doing this since 1995 so there is still a chance I might not make it. Lets just cross our fingers and see what happens.

Danny Rogers, Owner
Rabbit's Custom Computers
Jacksonville, Florida

* * *