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Not only does RCC do what they can to take care of
our customers, we also PROTECT them when we can.

RCC of Jax was an Authorized Factory Dealer for Rumbling Pride Motorcycle Flags, Flag Mounts, and LED Lighting for motorcycles which is based out of Lakeland, Florida.

Here is a quality supplier for Motorcycle related accessories. You won't be disappointed!

Motorcycle LEDs, Flags, and Mounts

Because of the Rumbling Pride company being in serious financial trouble, and the owner of the company not taking care of his obligations dealing with money, RCC is no longer willing to order from that company, or sell their products.

We are not willing to take a chance on them not being able to take care of our customers and the warranty because of their own money troubles.

Here is an actual letter sent to someone looking for flags & mounts. Very well sums up the situation.

Hello David:

Yes, I do have some of the flag staffs & flags in stock and available. I will be glad to speak with you on the phone and let you know what I have.

I am not a factory rep for rumbling pride any longer. The company got into some serious money trouble, and is not standing behind their obligations. Becuase of their financial issues, I am not willing to put my good reputation in jeopardy with my customers, so I'm just being up front with you.

So, if you want to get these items from me, I will make them available at a reduced rate (not retail) but you have to understand the chance you are taking as their factory reputation is not as it should be.

The items are actually good stuff; just the owner of the company is not willing to stick to his word. Not hearsay; I know this from personal experience from what I've seen and dealt with them directly. My customers are important to me and I would never let them down. That is the reason for this information being passed to you.

You are welcome to call or write.


Note added July 28, 2013

Someone contacted me via email asking if I could offer any assistance or information on the Rumbling Pride Company. They were to become a new Rumbling Pride dealer in another state and informed me they had made a substantial order with the company; only to be put off and pushed aside for weeks and weeks. Many phone calls made and the dealer was told the order would be shipped the following day, but was never shipped. The dealer finally got tired of the mess, canceled their order, and cut ties with the Rumbling Pride company.

Lucky for them, I was able to introduce them to some other suppliers that should make for a happy working environment.

Note added January 5, 2016

Another individual contacted me asking for assistance after having been shorted from the Rumbling Pride company owner. We talked for a while and were able to work things out a bit. Because of his status and position, he requested his details not be posted here.

There seems to be no end to the trouble when dealing with the Rumbling Pride company.


Too Many Good Companies to deal with...
Why bother with the bad ones?

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Billiards League of America

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