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Online Payments
Secure via PayPal
Making it easy for you!

You can use your PayPal account, or sign up for an account, or make
a payment without an account using your credit or debit card.

All done on the PayPal website and completely secure.

Note: Before making a PayPal payment to Rabbit,
contact him via phone or email to make sure
of the amount and fees are covered. Thank You.

If you are familiar with PayPal and do not need instructions,
click buy now to continue to checkout.

You are welcome to call PayPal if you have any questions.
Their Customer Service Representatives are available:

4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday

6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday and Sunday

Please note that hours of operation may vary on holidays

PayPal phone:
(888) 221-1161
(402) 935-2050

PayPal Payment Instructions
(You can use your credit card even if
you do not have a PayPal account.)

Follow these simple instructions
to make your payment via PayPal.

Note: The links shown in the white screen shots on this
page ARE NOT ACTIVE LINKS and are there as a
reference of what you will see on the PayPal web site.

1. Click on the yellow PayPal Buy Now button.
~ you will be directed to the PayPal web site
(see below for screen shot & details).

1a. Enter the amount you will be paying, then click Update below the amount you just entered.

1b. If you have a PayPal account, sign in to continue.
~ you should be familiar with PayPal procedures seeing
as how you already have an account with them.

1c. If you do not have a PayPal account, click
Don't have a PayPal account?
~ you will have the option to sign up
for PayPal, but not required.

2. For those of you without a PayPal account, when you click on
Don't have a PayPal account?, you will then see the screen shot shown below.

Complete as follows:
2a. Fill in the requested information as it pertains to you.
2b. Double check to insure the amount (and quantity) is correct for your order.
2c. Click on Review & Continue.

If you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to call PayPal:
Direct (402) 935-2050 or toll free: (888) 221-1161

Call Rabbit: (904) 781-4289 and he will gladly answer your questions.

Any issues dealing with the site or technical issues, should be directed to Rabbit.

If you are now ready to place your order with PayPal, click the yellow button now.

PayPal with your Credit Card

in part by:

Billiards League of America

* * *