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Who is Rabbit?

He is a Country Boy from Jacksonville,
Florida that likes to keep busy!

Danny Rogers, also known as Roger Rabbit, was first introduced to the world of computers while working for the Post Office in the US Air Force.

After returning to Jacksonville, he took more of an interest in personal computers, and landed a job at CompUSA. While working for them, he learned the "Corporate Way" of computer sales. He worked in Stock, Hardware Sales, Corporate Sales, Telephone Support, Pricing & Availability, and trained new associates. He left CompUSA when Progressive PC called him and ask that he work in their Corporate Sales Division.

While at Progressive PC, he worked in Corporate Sales, Sales Consultant Trainer, Front End Sales Manager, and ended up running the store. When the owner of the store became ill, and could not maintain the store any longer, the store closed.

The next stop was a little place east of town that lasted for a short time until Rabbit was able to get his own organization together and formed Rabbit's Custom Computers. He got his license and opened for business.

Danny's top priority is Customer Service. His country way of thinking is what makes him see customers as Friends instead of customers. That is the way he wants people to treat him, so he makes it a point to treat others that way.

Besides this computer stuff, Danny plays & teaches Bluegrass Banjo. He plays Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin & a little on the Dobro.

Danny has been a Safety Instructor in the art of Boating & Water Skiing. He earned his certification to teach Safety & Water Skiing from the American Water Ski Association. His classes included children & adults and his ski classes range from First Day Beginner to Bare-footing Backwards. He also taught Kneeboard, Shoe Skis, Slalom, Combo Skis, Wakeboard, Trick Skis, and Boat Driving & Safety.

Danny has a passion for Pool & Billiards. For a while in his life, he played pool for a living. Now he says it is much more enjoyable to be an instructor and will usually not play for more than a dollar. There is a bigger reward in teaching & helping someone than taking their money in a game. He has been teaching pool since 1981.

Danny seems to be into more than he can keep up with most of the time. I can sum it all up like this with a quote from The Rabbit himself: "I don't drink, smoke, or mess with any type of drugs so my mind is not cloudy." "If you can teach it, I can learn it."


Rabbit's Note of Thanks

As you can see, I am into a lot of different things. I found out a long time ago that knowledge is there if you want to go find it. When I was a little boy my parents would say silly stuff like "Good Things Come To Those That Hustle While They Are Waiting" and "Every Tub Has To Sit On It's Own Bottom." Maybe a little of that got through this head of mine.

My two favorite things, Bluegrass Banjo & Computers, have taken me to a lot of places that I would not have gone otherwise. In each of these two areas, I want to say Thanks where it is due.

My first Banjo Teacher, Paul Harper, is a classical guitar player that told me he only plays Banjo a little bit. Still, he had the knowledge and took the time to get a new enthusiast on the right track. He told me that it would be only a short time before I outgrew his Banjo teaching ability. It took about a year. Thank You Paul for getting me started!

During that time, I would watch Don VanWinkle play. He's the Banjo player for the Tennessee Valley Authority Bluegrass Band. He was as good as I ever saw play and I almost begged him to take me on as a Banjo student. He finally was able to work me into his busy schedule. I took class from him for less than two years, until he started back to his schooling and did not have time to teach anymore. I will always cherish the special time I had to learn from one of the best. Thank you Don!

Don introduced me to Janet Davis (and recommended her highly) of Janet Davis Music Company which was then in San Antonio, Texas. I had heard of her, but was not enthused with the idea of "some girl" teaching me to play Banjo. Sheesh! Was I EVER WRONG! I am so glad I didn't let that little-boy-way-of-thinking keep me from one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Not only was she a Super Picker, Janet has the most warm personality a person could ask for in a teacher and a friend. And teach she did. It wasn't long before I thought Janet was my "Mom" and she took me under her wing as her son. From taking the time to make me get it right on that Banjo, to offering little bits of advice that I still use today. Janet is one of the best people I have ever met and I take it very personal to be associated with her. Janet, you will always have a place in my heart. Thank You and I Love You!

In the world of computers, I will always owe a very special Thank You to Jason Cobb. Jason interviewed me for my first computer job away from the military. It must have taken him all of about two minutes to realize just how much I didn't know about computers. I am still not sure as to why he hired me anyway and gave me a chance. My first Big Time Job for him was organizing the placement of surge suppressors on the shelf at the computer store. Working for him offered me the chance to get some education in computers & computer people. The rest is history. Jason, every day that my computer business continues I owe you a thanks. I would not be here if it were not for you.

* * *