Surge Protection
& Battery Back-up

~ Surge Protection ~

Take a look at your current surge suppressor and ask yourself:  

  1. If lightning were to hit, would my current surge suppressor protect my connected equipment?
  2. If I receive a direct hit, would my damaged surge unit & computer be replaced?
  3. Does my telephone / modem line go through a surge suppressor?

If "No" or "I don't know" is the answer to either of those questions, keep reading.  

Your homeowners claim can cost from $250.00 to $500.00 or more per incident.  With a Tripp-Lite surge protection unit you can stop worrying.  

On a personal note: 

My older sister didn't want to listen to her "little brother" when I was telling her the importance of a surge protection unit with a company that would take care of her in case of a lightning hit.  She said to me "I already have one and any surge unit is as good as another."  Some time later, she called and casually ask about the prices of a few items.  When I said to her the list sounded like the things a lightning strike would damage, she jokingly said "Just shut up and tell me the prices."  I resisted the urge to say "I told you so" but you can be sure I was thinking it!

Don't let this happen to you.

Some people say North Florida is the lightning capital of the world.  What do you think?  Or, more important, are you willing to take a chance?

TrippLite makes some of the best lightning protection units available on the market today.  Many to choose from depending on what you need in a surge protection unit.

Tripp-Lite units are guaranteed for life.

~ Battery Back-up Units ~

Designed to keep your computer from shutting down when there is a power loss.  These units will keep your system running for you to have time to save your work when the electricity goes off.

If your computer needs to be left on while you are away from your office, a battery back up unit will help to prevent a shut down from temporary power losses.

Battery Back-up units are also surge protection units.

Many different sizes to choose from depending on your situation.  We can help you decide which is right for you.

Our Surge Protection & Battery Back-up equipment is designed to stop surges from causing damage to your electronic equipment. 

  • Computers
    • Towers ~ Desktops ~ Laptops ~ Monitors
  • Connected Equipment
    • Printers ~ Scanners 
  • Communication 
    • Telephones ~ Answering machines ~ FAX machines
  • Audio 
    • Stereos ~ CD Players ~ Cassette players / recorders ~ Radios
  • Video 
    • Televisions ~ VCR's
  • Accessories
    • Speakers ~ Lamps ~ Cameras
  • Household Items
    • Health equipment ~ Microwave ovens ~ Baby monitors
  • And other electronic items

The Isotel models have a connection to protect your telephone line & connected equipment as well.  Most lightning damage comes in by way of the phone line.  Now, you can be protected for a fraction of the cost of replacing damaged parts.

If your equipment is connected to our properly grounded surge protection unit and gets damaged, you are protected by Tripp-Lite.

Note: Most companies WILL NOT replace the surge unit when it gets damaged.  Tripp-Lite will.  Sometimes you have to send the damaged surge unit to them and they will send another to you right away.  In some cases, you may swap your damaged unit with us here at Rabbit's Custom Computers and not have to wait for the replacement unit in the mail (if we have your unit in stock).




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