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Cue-Kote Warning
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The details are written just as it happened and nothing
has been fabricated. We welcome your comments.

NOTE: This cue has been sold but please read the warning information. If this can help you, use it. If not then disregard.

This note is being posted for public viewing in the hopes of helping someone to avoid the type of hassle & aggravation that I experienced with the Cue-Kote company. A company should not be allowed to treat people like this.  As a pool enthusiast, you have the potential to have dealings with them for a pool cue purchase or some of the shaft treatment they sell. By reading the info here, maybe you can avoid this type of headache.

I bought this cue from Wayne Nance of Cue Kote in Greensboro, NC. I am sorry to say this was a very negative transaction. The cue was mis-represented to me by saying the shaft was perfect. It's not perfect. The description said there was a "dent" in the butt plate which was really a chip (see photos below). The photo sent to me was wide angle which would not reveal the chip. When I phoned to ask for a return/refund, I was cussed. I was offered less than half of what it would cost to get the chip corrected. As for the shaft being conditioned, it was not as slick as the drops available for sale at billiard supply shops for under $10.00 retail.

Note sent to me in an email:
"Howdy again, Good looking web site and I have had problems with cue kote also."
C. K.

Another Note:
"Hi Danny,  I was brought to your website because of the negative remarks concerning CUEKOTE. A friend of mine and Wayne's showed me your site after doing a google search.

I have known Wayne personally for 3-4 years now and have found him to be passionate about his coating and he also misrepresents the product because it can be purchased off the shelf by anyone. The real name of the product is SAILKOTE and is manufactured by McClube for boating industry.

I am sending this email because I want people to be treated fairly and I want them to know exactly what they are getting into when they deal with CUEKOTE."

Name withheld

Another Note:
I recently posted a thread in the WTB section of this site and was PM'd by Wayne to let me know that he had a Predator fancy SP butt for sale. Wayne stated that other than a hairline crack in the butt ring, the cue was in good condition with only normal wear and tear. Based on this information, I agreed to purchase the butt. I received the cue and quickly noticed that there were significant issues with the forearm. The inlays were raised and one even appears to have broken the finish. There was also significant discoloration of the butt collar. None of this was disclosed prior to the purchase and now that he has the $, Wayne has decided to not respond to any inquiries. I've PM'd him and he's been on the site a number of time since my PM was sent and I also attempted to contact him via Paypal, with no response. This left me with no other option than to escalate the Paypal claim. I did also want to make anyone else who has started a WTB thread to be cautious dealing with Wayne as they may end up in a similar situation. I posted this here because it appears that Wayne doesn't post any of his cues in the for sale section but only seems to contact folks that start threads in this section of the site.

Call Rabbit for additional information.

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