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14.1 Continuous
Straight Pool
Handicap Format ~ Cash Payouts

Friendly Competition between friends and we have
a good time while learning more about shooting pool!

For now, the Straight Pool Division has been canceled. Maybe it will return one day...

The handicap system assures fairness for the shooters; no matter what your level of expertise!

Double Round Robin: Everybody plays everybody twice.

Entry Deadline: New players may be accepted into competition after the session starts. Every situation is different and will be considered.

Fees: $5 per person per match.

Rules: Rules are very close to standard Straight Pool rules with a few exceptions. There are some modifications to make our competition go smoothly at our novice level. A copy of the rules are on this web site and will be available at the matches.

Prize Money: The actual payouts will be determined by how many people are in the division. Most of our sessions end with every player getting something back for playing. Most get a cash pay out or at least some of their entries in the following session. This is a way for you to have a chance at learning & winning even if you are not a strong player.

General Rules here

Currently shooting at Q-Ball Billiards
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The main focus should not be the money, or winnings,
but a chance to play & learn.  Hope to see you soon!


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