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McDermott D-Series
Private Cue Collection
Grey Stain & Lizard Embossed Leather Wrap

A project that took around five years to complete.

Some time ago, the idea crossed my mind of getting the entire D-Series collection refinished to perfect mint condition; all 26 cues with the same color stain and a Lizard Embossed Leather Wrap.

What a fun project! And I hope that by sharing the notes & photos here, you too can enjoy the progress. Of course, your coments, questions & comments are welcome. Part of the fun is sharing.

Maybe this will be the only full D-Series with the same stain & wrap.  It's kinda cool to tinker with.

We are doing it again. Here is the progress: Second Collection Project

An Original D-Series Brochure from 1984
is shown at the bottom of this page.


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I am looking for another D-25
and a D-12 for a guy in Tennessee.

Made of Maple.

This cue was acquired in a trade for a used Huebler and started my idea of this project with the entire D-Series.

Note of interest: This was the first cue I sent to be refinished with Grey Stain & Lizard Leather Wrap to start this project.

Made of Natural Walnut.

Exotic woods would not normally be stained. In line with this current project, we stainded it anyway. You see the results.

Note of interest: My first McDermott Cue ever was a D-2 in 1985 (not this exact cue).  Purchased from the Billiard Factory in San Antonio, then later traded it in for a D-13.

Made of Bubinga.

This D-3 stain was an experiment.  Exotic wood would normally not take the grey stain very well.  The color may be difficult to see in this photo. This is one of the most beautiful cues in my collection.

Note of interest:  For many years of my being associated with the D-Series, the D-3 was always my least favorite of the 26 cues in this series. Seeing this finished cue has changed my mind.

Made of Birdseye Maple.

The D-4 was one you could find made with a cork wrap from time to time.

Note of interest:  My first introduction to McDermott Cues was a D-4. While shooting pool during my Air Force days as a Base Police at Lackland AFB, one of our regulars at the Skylark Rec Center (Steve Adams), had this model cue. This many years later, it is still always good to hear from him.

Made of Congo Alves with an Oak Handle.

Shown below is one all original, one with Grey Stained Oak Handle, and one with Grey Stained forearm & Lizard Embossed Wrap.  The one with grey stain handle was refinished with a Lizard Leather wrap installed and grey stained forearm.

Note of interest: The D-5 was the only cue in the D-Series originally designed without a wrap.



Made of Birdseye Maple.

Notice the D-6 was the lowest numbered of the D-Series Cues with white inlays other than the rings.

Note of interest: It was a transaction on a D-6 in 2003 that introduced me to another cue dealer/collector in Idaho and opened a door for many other opportunities for cue transactions.

Made of Birdseye Maple.

Out of all of the D-Series cues in my collection, the D-7 seems to have been the most difficult in the process of obtaining. But, good things come to those who wait.

Note of interest: When I completed my first D-Series; getting all 26 cues, it was a D-7 that made the 26 Cue Collection complete.

Made of Birdseye Maple.

The D-8 was most often distributed with two original shafts.

Note of interest: This D-8 was refinished with Irish Linen wrap back in 04 and then changed to Lizard Leather in 2009.

Made of Birdseye Maple.

From time to time, this cue has been un-officially nicknamed the "Charlie Brown" cue because of the designs macthing his shirt.

Note of interest: It was on a D-9 that I first saw a cue with the clearcoat shattered. I could never abuse a pool cue that bad.

The D-10 is made of Rosewood so we did not attempt to stain.  The wood is very dark so the stain might not show.

Note of interest:  The D-10, made of Rosewood, was originally made most often with a blue nylon wrap.

Made of Birdseye Maple with Walnut Points.

This model is the lowest number in the D-Series with points.

Note of interest: Out of the many McDermott cues I've had in my hands for some type of repair, it was a D-11 that had a weight bolt installed that I could not remove, and had to send it back to McDermott for assistance.

The D-12 has some interesting options for staining because of the different sections of Birdseye Maple, including the points.  The results shown here were suggested by McDermott Factory Staff.  Very Nice!

Note of interest:  When first trying to collect all of the 26 cues in the D-Series, I received a D-12 from a friend before he moved to Australia.  When I got it, it had been used a lot and I did not even know it was from the D-Series until later! I still have that cue in the same exact condition.

Made of Birdseye Maple and Cocobolo.

Because of my personal fondness for Cocobolo, the D-13 is one of my favorites from this series.

Note of interest:  It was a D-13 that I used for most of my pool shooting days. I traded my first McDermott to buy this model.  I still have that cue which has obvious sentimental value.

Made of Birdseye Maple Butt, Forearm, & Points.

Here is a D-14 that was made originally with a grey stain. As with most on this page, this one too was returned to McDermott for refinish. This is what they were able to do with it.

Note of interest:  At the time of production, the D-14 was the most difficult design McDermott had made to date. The pattern on the butt required a lot of trial and error, but Mr. Jim made it happen.

Made of Birdseye Maple with Cocobolo butt & points.

Note of interest: The D-15 was one of two cues from the D-Series that was often made with a Cork Wrap.

On Lay-a-way

Made with Rosewood: Forearm, butt & points.

Although we did stain some of the exotic woods in this project, this one did not get grey stain. We left it natural.

Note of interest: The funniest story I remember while buying D-Series cues was when someone in California had a D-16 for sale. We talked on the phone and agreed on a price. I was okay with the price but cautious of the seller as he had an eBay feedback score of 11 total. I told him I would buy pay his price but he had to send the cue first. I also said he could verify my status by my web site, my eBay feedback score of over 200; all positive, and he could contact the McDermott company for verification of who I was. He agreed to send the cue with payment to follow after I got the cue. He said to me "Please don't do me wrong - I'm only selling my cue because I need the money." When I reassured him, he agreed again and told me he was headed to the post office. A couple of hours later I was sitting at my computer when an email arrived from him. All it said was "Package Sent; talk later." I immediately clicked the reply button and sent: "What package? Who is this?" My phone started ringing within 30 seconds of sending that note with his number on the caller ID. When I answered the phone I was laughing too hard to speak clearly. We both had a good laugh (one of us more than the other). In a few days the cue arrived and I sent his money that same day. When all was said and done, we both were happy with the transaction.

Made of Birdseye Maple & Ebony.

The D-17 has a simple, yet beautiful design.

Note of interest: It was this model cue that I used as a base to create the M6-9A Clover Cue which was to become the start for the Cue of the Year Program at McDermott Cue Company (Yes, I'm proud).


Made of Birdseye Maple & Tulipwood.

This Lizard Embossed Leather wrap is the smoothest in this project.

Note of Interest: This D-18 was made available for my project by the kindness of someone else. He had this cue for a long time and when he decided to not keep it anymore... well, you see where it is now. Thank you for your help!

Made of Birdseye Maple & Ebony.

I bought this cue from a fellow cue collector in Arizona. It was perfect and did not need to be refinished as it was already grey.

Note of Interest: The D-19 was of special interest to me as it was the cue used by a local player here in Jacksonville as he went on to become one of the very best players ever from this area.

Made of Birdseye Maple & Cocobolo.

I bought this D-20 in July 2003 from a retired McDermott Dealer. It had a Brown w/White Spec Linen wrap.

Note of interest:  This D-20 has never been chalked or hit. Me being me, took a perfect mint orignal cue, that was already grey, and had the linen wrap changed for Lizard Leather to go with this collection.

Made of Birdseye Maple & Ebony.

Note of interest:  This D-21 was made new with two original shafts and they are still with the cue; just not pictured with this project.

Made of Birdseye Maple & Tulipwood.

This D-22 had been for sale several months before I got it. The seller did not get what he wanted so he kept it for a while. After seeing this project page, he contacted me and offered a very good trade deal for a cue I had for sale. We did the trade and now, due to his kindness, he is indeed a part of this project.

Note of interest:  A member of the McDermott staff decided to try something new on a D-22 and managed to find some Blue Leather to match the blue colored design. He had the Blue Leather Wrap installed and then made that cue available to me. It is one in my collection that I have never considered selling. If you want to see photos, send an email.


Made of Birdseye Maple & Floating Points.

When I was first looking to buy a McDermott Cue, I saw a D-23 and thought "it looks like a girls cue" and not something I would shoot with. How our minds work sometimes. I've since learned to appreciate the beauty and not let that silly way of thinking get in the way.

Note of interest:  During the time I was building my collection of the D-Series, someone contacted me and we talked about him buying around a dozen or so of the duplicates I had. We worked out a potential deal & price. Before we had a chance to finalize that deal, I noticed just how beautiful my red stained D-23 looked. It had a smooth leather wrap and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. When I told him I had decided to not sell that particular cue (and even agreed to pay McDermott to refinish another for him so it would look the same), he backed out of the deal. So, that D-23 cost me over two thousand dollars. But, that was when I decided because I had so many "extras" of the D-Series to start the project identified here on this web page. It is funny how things work out. Oh, and by the way... I still have that Red Stained D-23.

Made of Birdseye Maple with Tulipwood inlays.

Note of interest: My first encounter with a D-24 was because of my liking for Tulipwood. It was after I had one that I was able to appreciatie what the designer had done with this combination of materials. Such a simple design; the arrangement made the D-24 one of my favorite in this series.


Made of Birdseye Maple with Ebony inlays.

Note of interest: This D-25 was one of three that were done at the same time to complete this project. While these three were at the McDermott Factory, I was able to visit there and see them during the refinish procedure. It was one of the best experiences I can remember having been involved in associated with cues.


Made of Birdseye Maple with Ebony & Urethane inlays.

Note of interest:  At the time of completing my first set of the D-Series, the D-26 was the most expensive cue I had purchased in the set. Because of the friendship established with that seller, it has since become the best deal of all my D-Series transactions!


Here is the complete D-Series Brochure as distributed back in the mid to late 80s when these cues were new. These are the most sought after for collecctable McDermott Cues. Mr. Jim McDermott signed and personalized this one to me.

Thank you Mr Jim for this brochure, and also for the
McDermott Cues we've grown to know and love!


There were many people involved in making this project happen; too many to name them all. But I do want to extend my heartfelt Thank you and Much Appreciation to Jayme Cernicka at McDermott Cue Company. Without his help, this never would have happened!

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